Screen Shots


Busy recording server (click on images to enlarge)

Now Rec'ing Recording in progress
Waiting Waiting to be transcoded
Transcoding Transcoding in progress
Ready Ready for downloading
Xferring Downloading in progress
The underline on a day-of-the-week field indicates that the recording is part of weekly regular recordings. Otherwise it is a single-time recording.

Scheduled (but not yet started) programs and regular programs (click on images to enlarge)

Regular programs are periodically scanned and scheduled as individual recordings.

Each scheduled recording is periodically checked against its latest iEPG for updating the program title, program subtitle, casts, and end time (start time cannot be updated because it is used as key for searching for iEPG).

Theoretically, any TV program guide site offering iEPG can be interfaced, but so far goo was found the most compatible for its little use of JavaScript and other non-HTML stuff.


Recorded (and transferred) programs on Wizd NMP server (click on image to enlarge)

A Buffalo PC-P3LAN2/DVD network media player plays back recorded TV programs stored in a Linux-based home server. Program selection is point-and-click using an IR remote control.

A modified version of the Wizd media server program hides cryptic internal file names and displays program information retrieved from iEPG metadata instead.

There is a plan to develop a completely brand-new sever program to replace Wizd and enable on-screen file management and other operations, but no project has started.


Playing back a recorded program on a 50" LCD RPTV (click on image to enlarge)

TV programs recorded at a 480i resolution are played back in 720p mode. The 720p resolution was chosen to diplay as much program information as possible with reasonable legibility on a large TV screen (see above). Quality is close to that of a good VHS VCR, with no jitter noise at all!

A simple survey showed that each week the server records and transfers an average of 45 TV programs totaling over 22 hours (approximately 23GB).


Recorded file management (click on image to enlarge)

A web interface running on the local home server allows programs that have viewed to be deleted from or archived in the server.